Why Amish Furniture?

Unlike Any Other Furniture

It’s obvious when you see and touch Amish-built furniture for the first time that the level of quality is very different and impressive.

High-end Heirloom Quality

Amish furniture features impressive attention to detail. Our Amish builders use solid hardwoods, not veneered plywood or particle board, ensuring that each piece retains its beauty for a lifetime.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Our Amish builders expertly combine traditional and innovative design to produce their custom-built masterpieces. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the wide variety of transitional and contemporary styles available.

Incredibly Customizable

Choose the wood, stain, fabric, hardware and more to perfectly fit your space. We offer many wood species, dozens of stain choices in each and hundreds of fabric and hardware options.

Common Misconceptions

Our store shatters many stereotypes and false assumptions about Amish furniture and the Amish. Here are a few common ones:

“Amish furniture is all one style”

The biggest misconception is that all Amish furniture is very traditional. In fact, our Amish builders are very proactive and creative when it comes to developing new styles, many with a more contemporary design.

“Amish shops have no power tools”

All of our Amish shops use power tools, but do not plug into the power grid. The power is supplied using diesel engines and air compressors.

“Amish people never use electricity in their homes”

Yes, they do use electricity, again supplied by diesel engines and air compressors.

“Amish shops are all single family businesses”

Most are single family businesses, but some are partnerships, and the larger shops employ dozens of people, occasionally from outside of the Amish community.

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